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In its simplest explanation, OpenScape Alarm Response is a response alarm, emergency alert system and medical alert system all in one.

However the capabilities of OpenScape Alarm Response are anything but simple. This cutting edge security technology works with your existing telephone system to improve safety and reduce risk by automating emergency response procedures. OpenScape Alarm Response will alert a production manager when a faulty component is threatening the efficiency of a production line, send a text or phone the fire department if a warehouse fire has started, or send an instant notification to a nurse from a patient’s bedside terminal – no matter where the nurse is at the time!

Whatever the situation or work environment, staff can get on with their job knowing they’re protected in high-stress situations which ultimately leads to improved employee satisfaction, better decision making and greater productivity.

To arrange a demonstration of OpenScape Alarm Response, contact EvotecHLS.


Key Features of OpenScape Alarm Response

Increased safety and OH&S compliance in high-risk work environments

Choose to inform your first responders either at once or sequentially

Improve staff safety with speed-dial alarm capabilities

Communicate emergency announcements from mobile devices, through email to PA systems

Instantly organise a telephone conference – voice or video – with staff, crisis teams or media, regardless of their physical location.