Solutions for Aged Care Communication

Proactively Protect the Elderly with Reliable Healthcare Communication

As Australia’s ageing population grows, the number of people requiring aged care is set to soar. This is a major issue for the aged care sector who must improve healthcare communication now if they are to address the growing needs of this often vulnerable group.

Our complete range of aged care communication solutions optimises staff-to-patient, patient-to-staff and staff-to-staff collaboration, by bringing all communication devices and applications together. With Openscape Healthcare Mobility, the integration of online medical records with care plans and emergency protocols enables staff to view important information from a fixed or mobile workstation, leading to quicker and more informed decision making.

Our innovative and secure bedside terminals connect clinicians to important patient information without the need to leave the patients side, whilst our emergency alert systems provide instant notifications to internal teams and/or external emergency services.


Unified Aged Care Communication Systems Provide

Reliable, secure and effective healthcare communication

Electronic health record-keeping accessible to all care teams

Emergency alert systems for rapid response

Bedside medical alert systems and solutions

Proactive protection of often vulnerable individuals

Holistic and collaborative care for the elderly