Healthcare Communication Solutions

Patient-centred Healthcare Communication

Technology has provided new and innovative ways to deliver healthcare whilst also optimising patient and team engagement. And the results? Better patient outcomes all round.

EvotecHLS has been at the forefront of this collaborative, patient-centred approach to healthcare communication, working with some of the country’s most cutting-edge healthcare providers and bringing multidisciplinary teams together to solve complex medical communication problems.

As one of Australia’s most trusted medical communication companies, our range of effective healthcare communication solutions have improved access to information, services and support for thousands of patients and clinicians across the country.

With our unified healthcare communication solutions connecting multidisciplinary teams regardless of their physical location, medical staff and care teams alike are able to make more informed decisions, critical in times of emergency.


Unified Healthcare Communication Solutions

OpenScape Health Station

A single, unified terminal at the point of care that improves patient and clinician access to information, services and support.

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OpenScape Healthcare Mobility

Fully connects healthcare professionals to patient records and emergency protocols at the point of care.

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OpenScape Alarm Response

Instant notification from patient bedside to medical staff for peace of mind, proactive protection and rapid response.

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