Unified Communications System

Foster Meaningful Collaboration with a Unified Communications System

In today‚Äôs hyper-mobile work environment, it’s not unusual to have employees in other states or even overseas, as well as staff who combine in-house work with working from home. The implications of rarely (or never!) having all your staff together in one place can be wide and varied if not supported by an efficient, flexible and reliable communications system.

A unified communications system that is tailored to your business needs will not only bring your staff together, but also provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration between teams, ensuring you remain ahead of the competition.

At EvotecHLS, we make this a reality for our clients every day by bringing all modes of communications together in one harmonised solution. From manufacturing to sales and healthcare communication, our unified communications system combines email, text and voice messaging with live video conferencing and web collaboration, in one easy-to-use interface.


Unified Communications System Benefits

Move easily between mobile, desktop phone or tablet

Keep your location completely transparent to the caller

Presence notifications to alert participants of users availability to communicate

Fast, affordable, secure and reliable