Business Communication Solutions

Build Brand Loyalty with a Unified Communications System

Inferior phone and voice-activated message systems are not only a daily frustration; the potential they bring for loss of revenue is too great for businesses to ignore. When making a transaction, most people prefer to communicate with a real person and it is these interactions that build relationships and increase customer loyalty.



Preconfigured Systems

We understand that your business needs flexible, reliable and secure communication solutions that are easy to use for both staff and customers alike. Our preconfigured unified communications system, with the full range of voice, web, video, text and mobility features, can be easily integrated into your existing phone systems, saving you both time and money.

Customised Solutions

Frustrated with your current provider, or just demand an easy-to-use telecommunications experience? Our team of communications experts have over 25 year experience in enterprise communications and will work with you to tailor the perfect solution for your business.

Whether it’s the cost saving benefits of VoIP for business calls you’re after, or you’re simply seeking the best office phone systems, you can be confident EvotecHLS will connect you easily and more often to the people that matter.